Aloe Vera based multipurpose magnetic eye cool mask PACK OF 4

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Aloe Vera based multipurpose magnetic eye cool mask(PACK OF 4)
DIRECTION FOR USES: 1. Keep in fridge or in cool place for 30 minutes.
2.Place it on eyes for 10 to 15 minutes and take rest or relax
USAGE: 1. Relieves stresses formed during working in working on computer kitchen, Movies & watching TV, Late night sleep, Long reading etc.
2. Place it on forehead if you are in fever or tension for 10 to 15 minutes.
3. Duly tested and polar-wise set magnet helps in blood. Circulation TO CLEAR DARK CIRCLE AROUND YOUR EYES. 1. Use eye-cool mask as directed and take cool & hot massage around your eye for 20 days regularly. COOL AND HOT MASSAGE 1.Massage with hot water with handkerchief for 5 minutes 2. Immediately apply chilled eye mask for 5 minutes around your eyes. 3. Used 2 times days.

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