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Gas safety Regulator Gas Saver+ Safety Device+ Regulator we tend to ar importation Gas saver+ Safety Device+ regulator for the security of someone in their homes, Life is has return up with its new launched product Gas guard (GSD) or Gas Fuse because it is often famed outside. What ar the benefits? 1) Excess Flow Valve 2) Advance Lock System 3) twin Gas Sealed Technology 4) recess Valve 5) If Gas Pipe is cut, fire, damage, escape then it's stop mechanically by (Excess Flow Safety Device) 6) Get very best quality in Reliable value 7) a pair of Million monetary unit Product insurance 8) five Year Replacement assurance 9) created BY European normal Quality EN12864. 10) In Worldwide ninety Country have a Sales and distributor Partner. 11) Leak and Level Indicator

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